BestFest Committee
Be a part of the team that puts together one of UTSA’s greatest traditions! Organize and execute the October festival that brings together so many student organizations!

Fiesta UTSA Committee
Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta! See all the colors and put on our April festival! Meet the Fiesta royalty, see the UTSA come alive, and show off the tradition that is Fiesta UTSA!

Game Day Committee
Love UTSA? Love football? Love UTSA football?? Come join our newest committee and help put together student tailgating, Rowdy Rally, and other awesome activities that showcase that love for UTSA football!

Collaboration Committee
Come together with other organizations to bring incredibly fun events to UTSA! Help plan events like Rowdy Wing Fling, Party on the Paseo, RRLN, and many other events!

Marketing Committee
Got that creative edge? Want to let show off your artsy skills for all to see? Come aboard the Marketing Committee and help design anything and everything marketing!

Recruitment Committee
The more the merrier! Try your hand at making the organization larger and bringing in more talent to the organization!

Membership Development Committee
Bring our members to their fullest potential! Learn your strengths, skills, and what makes you awesome while sharing your knowledge with the organization! Help organize socials, membership training meetings, and our banquets!


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