UTSA Chants

UTSA Fight Song
In Fall of 1998 students competed to create the lyrics for the new UTSA Fight song.

On November 8, 1998, Go Roadunners Go! was selected as the winner of the student completion!

Go, Roadrunners, Go!
On to victory with all your might.
Fight, Roadrunners, Fight!
For the Blue and the Orange and the White.
We fight for U-T-S-A
Alma Mater proud and strong.
Win, Roadrunners, Win!
And unite in our battle song.
(Repeat for second verse)

Alma Mater
Hail UTSA lyrics were composed by Dr. Alan E. Craven, professor emeritus and former dean of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts in 1981  Dr. Clarence J. Stuessy, retired professor and former chair of the Department of Music composed the music for Hail UTSA.

From our hills of oak and cedar
To the Alamo,
Voices raised will echo
As, in song, our praises flow.
Hail Alma Mater!
Through the years our loyalty will grow.
The University of Texas
San Antonio


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