Information Meetings

Q: When are the Information Meetings?
A: There will be a total of five (5) information meetings throughout the week of September 9-13. For more information on location and times click on this link.

Q: Do I need to attend the Information Meetings?
A: Yes, at least one member of your organization must attend at least one of these meetings to be eligible to participate in the lottery meeting.

Lottery Meeting Questions

Q: When and where is the lottery meeting?
A: This year the lottery meeting will be on Wednesday, September 25 in the UC Denman from 3pm – 5pm. 

Q: When do I get the BestFest Booth Application?
A: Booth applications will be handed out at the lottery meeting on Wednesday, September 25.

Q: When are booth applications due?
A: Booth applications are due on Friday, October 12 in the Campus Activities Board Office.

Booth Questions

Q: How big are the booths?
A: Booth are 8×8 ft with three (3) covered sides and vinyl roof .

Q: How much does a food booth cost?
A: Food booths are $75 and non-food booths are $35

Grill Questions

Q: Can we use propane grills?
A: No, propane is not allowed to be used on campus

Q: Do we have to provide our own grill?
A: Yes, your organization is responsible for providing its own grill for the event. 

Q: Do we have to provide our own sand pits?
A: No, we provide all organizations who will be using grills with a sand pit.

Day of Event Questions

Q: Can we start preparing food if we haven’t been inspected by the Health Department?
A: Yes, your organization can start preparing food before being inspected by the Health Department, however you may not start selling food until 11am.

Q: Can I bring cooked food from home to sell at BestFest?
A: No, all food must be prepared on site. You may bring food that is all ready prepared as long as you can prove that it was prepared in a licensed kitchen.



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